HI all.

You can download the QGCA PPCR Submission below. In addition, I have been told that the QTU submission is also on the QTU website.

Given the very short time lines, we have done our best to put together a response that highlights the breadth and depth of the GO  and SGO role, as well as highlight the value, complexities, drivers and impacts of our role.

 On behalf of the QGCA, I would like to personally thank you for the hard work that you do as you seek to support students and school communities in a myriad of ways and acknowledge the many complexities you face on a daily basis as you perform your role.

 In addition, thank you for the time , thought and effort that went into your submissions.  Without those, the QGCA submission would not be the robust document it is.

Brian Day

QGCA President

Download QGCA PPCR Submission


QGCA PPCR Submission appendix2

QGCA PPCR Submission appendix3

Appendix 4 Sample response for QGCA submission PPCR