The QGCA is an incorporated professional association which:

  •  Provides leadership and support in education
  • Works for the professional development and welfare of members
  • Has members working in guidance and counselling in all levels of education
  • Has members working in state, independent and Catholic schools


To be the professional association that provides leadership and support in educational guidance and counselling.


To contribute to excellence in education by promoting quality leadership in guidance and counselling by promoting high ethical standards and by providing effective individual and professional support to members.


The achievement goals:

  1. Professional standards. The establishment of a process that develops and monitors effective and accountable guidance and counselling practice.
  2. Advocacy. The advocacy for effective policies and service delivery for the benefit of members, students and the wider school community.
  3. Communication and marketing. The development of partnerships for the promotion and development of the objectives, roles and policies of the association.
  4.  Research. The establishment of a research culture within the membership in order to advance the knowledge base, to identify and resolve issues in student and member welfare and to identify and highlight examples of best practice.
  5. Internal administration. The establishment of a devolved structure that promotes participative decision making which is accountable to members and is financially viable.


The objectives of the association are:

  1. To work for the professional development and welfare of members
  2. To promote the guidance and counselling profession as one of responsibility and significance in education
  3. To work for the betterment of the guidance and counselling profession in Queensland
  4. To promote further training and supervision in the profession
  5. To provide a forum for discussion of matters of professional interest to members
  6. To affiliate with national and international organisations of guidance and counselling and psychology
  7. To initiate discussions with senior officers of the major employer associations and other educational bodies relevant to the members of the Association
  8. To promote research in the area of guidance and counselling
  9. To promote and publish such journals, monographs and other publications as the Executive shall from time to time decide
  10. To cooperate with other professionals, educational, welfare and community organisations