QGCA is a founding Member Association of the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA), the peak body for the Australian career industry since 2000. CICA is a focal point for government and other stakeholders concerned for and interested in promoting quality career development services in Australia. Its vision for Australians is to enhance transitions and productivity by advocating the individual, social and economic benefits of quality career development for all Australians. CICA is committed to raising standards in the Australian career industry through the development and promotion of the Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners, endorsement of courses that provide initial training for career development practitioners, benchmarking of career development services and practitioner registration. A number of QGCA members are also career development practitioner members of QGCA and comply with the Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners.

Upon applying for Professonal Membership of QGCA you may wish to be recognised as a Career Development Practitioner.  You must acknowledge this when you are applying as well as outline your relevant qualifications deeming your suitability for this acknowledgement.