Professional Membership

Professional Membership is available to individuals who meet the criteria outlined below.

Professional Members have access to all resources and professional development opportunities.  They have voting rights and can nominate for positions on the Committee at the AGM.  Professional members are also required to participate in 15 hours of Continuing Professional Development to maintain their level of membership.

Applicants for Professional membership need initially to commence membership as an Associate. Progress to Professional membership can occur at any time after the applicant is able to gather the necessary documents to submit to be considered for Professional Membership. This can be done by uploading the necessary documents in your member Profile page and then requesting Professional membership using the short form “Professional Membership Application” under the Members Area.

Once the relevant documents are assessed by the QGCA Executive meeting, the applicant will be informed of the outcome by the Membership Secretary. There is no further fee to be paid to become a Professional member.

Professional Membership Criteria

  • Be currently registered as a teacher, and
  • Have completed a course of post-graduate tertiary training which includes studies in educational guidance and counselling practices and is recognised by the Executive as suitable training for guidance and counselling duties, andHave performed duties recognised by the Executive Committee as quality guidance and counselling practices for a period equivalent to a minimum of twelve (12) months full-time, OR
  • Have other training of an educational nature and/or practical guidance and counselling experience  which the Executive Committee recognises as suitable for membership of the Association

Application Process and Required Evidence

Usual Pathway:

  • The applicant should request to be considered for Professional membership of the Association by completing the Professional Membership Application found in the Members Area of this website.
  • The applicant should be an Associate Member of QGCA and provide evidence of:
  • Teacher qualifications (typically a scan of Teacher Registration)
  • Qualifications in guidance and counselling (usually a Masters in Education in Guidance and Counselling, Fourth Year Psychology or equivalent)
  • Satisfactory work in guidance and counselling for at least 12 months full time or equivalent part-time (usually via submission of a verification form – see link below) completed by the applicant’s clinical/professional supervisor

The above evidence can be submitted by uploading to the applicant’s individual member profile on this website.

Click here for the Quality Guidance Practice Verification Form.

Alternative Pathway

The applicant should request to be considered for Professional membership of the Association preferably by email to

The request should include evidence of having training, qualifications and experience in guidance and counselling that the Executive might recognise as suitable for Professional membership of the Association.